As much as I like discovering new places and getting A’s in exams, I hate driving, sitting in a plane for hours and I do not like reading anything academic.

I wish i could just teleport to new places. ( why hasn’t someone figured out how to do that yet?) I wish I could have a chauffeur to drive me around. Well its not impossible for that to happen, I just don’t have the money to pay for that kind of service. I wish there was more to school than just passing or failing an exam  ‘cos then I wouldn’t have had to study so hard. Continue reading “Drained”

My Guitar And I

When I’m sad I listen to music and I feel so much better. When I’m happy and I listen, it makes me even happier. It’s just amazing.

I love music! I always wished I was more musically inclined. I still do. I mean, it’s a perfect way to do what you love right and reach out to millions and make them feel better. How awesome is that? Continue reading “My Guitar And I”