Pulled down

trees in the back yard

Tola came the other day and asked me to lend her some money which she really needed to travel. She said she needed three hundred Naira. I only had a Five Hundred Naira note, so I gave it to her since she was going to give it back in two days. Months have passed and Tola has not said anything. Maybe she works with a different calendar. Continue reading “Pulled down”

what it is now ( for lack of a better name)

So I wrote this in 2011 during the Presidential Election. This was after I had attempted to exercise my right to vote. Plus it was the first time I was even eligible to vote. I went with my mom and I have to say it was a loooong, exhausting and enlightening day.
It was the only post on my old blog so I decided to put it on here. Have no idea why I named it ‘what it is now’, but it made sense to me then so I’ll just keep it as it is. So here it goes; Continue reading “what it is now ( for lack of a better name)”