Uncertain about Uncertainty

uncertain logoI have always been uncertain about life.I mean, isn’t it that way for everyone. No one really knows tomorrow, not even the next minute or second if you really think of it. Yeah, you know what you imagine it would be ’cause you’ve made plans and all, but you never know for sure how it will turn out.

Nothing however, prepares you for when you are uncertain about the uncertainty. The feeling of not knowing where you or your loved ones  will be or how you will feel the next year or even the next month. Continue reading “Uncertain about Uncertainty”

My Guitar And I

When I’m sad I listen to music and I feel so much better. When I’m happy and I listen, it makes me even happier. It’s just amazing.

I love music! I always wished I was more musically inclined. I still do. I mean, it’s a perfect way to do what you love right and reach out to millions and make them feel better. How awesome is that? Continue reading “My Guitar And I”

Happy Birthday! I want cake!

happy birthday logo

So Happy Birthday to the Big Sis and Fiyidi! I hope you guys have fun. May God bless and keep you and may He grant you the desires of your hearts.

So now that I’ve gotten that over with, let’s get to the most important thing here. I want cake! And no, I am not just saying that because that’s what people say on your birthday to try and make conversation. I really do want cake. Continue reading “Happy Birthday! I want cake!”

If You Have a Heart Condition, Don’t Watch An Eagles’ Match

So today Nigeria played its first match at the World Cup. If you are a Nigerian who watches football, you already know better but being the nice and loving person that I am, here’s a warning to those who don’t know any better:


You are welcome. Continue reading “If You Have a Heart Condition, Don’t Watch An Eagles’ Match”

So Arsenal won the FA Cup

ARSENAL LOGOI have been an Arsenal fan for quite a bit now. By quite a bit I mean since the last time we won a title or should i say way before the last time we won a title. So I do not have to tell you how annoying its been having to listen to people tell me how long its been since we won a title. Continue reading “So Arsenal won the FA Cup”