Power of the Incumbent


All the talk in Nigeria lately has been about the elections. You have those who talk about the need for change and those who do not mind the way things are. I have heard quite a few people say the incumbent is definitely going to win the election regardless. Continue reading “Power of the Incumbent”


As much as I like discovering new places and getting A’s in exams, I hate driving, sitting in a plane for hours and I do not like reading anything academic.

I wish i could just teleport to new places. ( why hasn’t someone figured out how to do that yet?) I wish I could have a chauffeur to drive me around. Well its not impossible for that to happen, I just don’t have the money to pay for that kind of service. I wish there was more to school than just passing or failing an exam  ‘cos then I wouldn’t have had to study so hard. Continue reading “Drained”


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Into the future

Ok, it was my birthday on the 21st and of course I have to write a post about it.

I hope I didn’t get your hopes up cos I didn’t do much. I barely did anything really. No cake even . To think it was National Junk Food Day and it was the one day I didn’t eat any junk food. Continue reading “BIRTHDAY POST!”

IT’S MONDAY!: And it’s my birthday!

Hey guys, I hope you had a great weekend. I really can’t remember what I did this weekend but I do know it wasn’t bad at all.

It’s my birthday today. Whoop whoop! I am so happy to be alive. This is not a birthday post though I’ll leave that for tomorrow. Just dropped by to wish you a lovely week ahead. Treat yourself on my behalf. Remember it’s my birthday so you kinda have to do as I say. That’s how it works right?

Here’s a quote for you:

Let no man pull you low enough to hate him.

-Martin Luther King Jr.


Stay Happy and if you aren’t already, Be Happy.

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It’s Tuesday! : World Cup’s Over. :(

Talk about stating the obvious. Sure hope your week started off good and is still going good. Let’s just pretend it’s Monday please because I wanted to put this up yesterday.

I wish I could come up with a good reason why I didn’t but I was just plain lazy. Continue reading “It’s Tuesday! : World Cup’s Over. :(“

Did Germany Really Just Do This?!

Okay I still cannot believe what I just watched. Did Germany really just beat Brazil 7-1?

I am genuinely sad. I am not Brazilian or anything but everyone always roots for the host nation right? Except of course they are playing against your country.

The issue isn’t really the fact that Germany won but it was how they won that was a bit disturbing. 7-1? A part of me feels like I just watched a movie honestly. Continue reading “Did Germany Really Just Do This?!”