Power of the Incumbent



All the talk in Nigeria lately has been about the elections. You have those who talk about the need for change and those who do not mind the way things are. I have heard quite a few people say the incumbent is definitely going to win the election regardless.
But here’s the thing, although I agree the power of the incumbent almost always plays a role in the electoral process, it does not solely rely on access to available resources for campaigning.

The incumbent as in most cases in Nigeria does not really understand and grasp its full potential. It should not be so difficult for the incumbent to win an election, to get the support of the electorate.

The truth is, if you really do what it is you promise to do, if you make decisions for the good of the country, state or constituency and not focus on acquiring all the money you can and gaining power, trust me you would not have to campaign as much. ‘Cos the thing is, people will vote for you without thinking twice. Why? Because they will be confident you will deliver.

Why settle for power when you can have power and respect with your integrity intact?


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