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So before you go ahead and do what you are about to do in order to have a better future, in order to provide a better life for your kids, think first:

Do you really want your kids to wake up one day and find that you are being accused and even worse, you are guilty of this crime? Do you really want that to happen? Are you willing to get to that point where you look into the eyes of your kids (that’s if you still have the courage to) and watch them lose every ounce of respect they had for you?

Are you ready to watch them feel the opposite of what you wanted and instead of happiness they are filled with disappointment and are broken. Left clueless, not knowing what and whom to believe anymore?

What you are about to do is selfish and you are not doing this for your kids but for yourself. Because if you cared about them you wouldn’t do it at all. You will think of the consequences, of the effect it will have on their lives. You will find a different way to get where you want to go . The right way where no one gets hurt and all you have to do is make sacrifices and work hard.

There’s always a choice. The only thing is, the right choice isn’t always the easiest to make.

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One thought on “Think!”

  1. Noted. Will always have that in mind anytime I want to make a decision. Keep the means and ends in check! So I don’t have my future kids trying to cut off my neck. Nice piece!

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