Home Sweet Home!

picture of the road
the road home
hazy morning drive home

Hey guys, I’m back! This is me assuming you noticed I was MIA. 🙂  Went on an impromptu holiday and didn’t get a chance to blog. I’m back  in Nigeria and it feels good to be home. Will hopefully be here for a while. 😀  

ignore the ashy feet
ignore the ashy feet

I had to take a picture of this escalator. Anyone who has come into Nigeria through the Abuja airport will know this escalator. Always squeaky but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Had to fill a medical history form to ensure that I had not had symptoms or come in contact with anyone with Ebola and I have to say that they sure do trust people to be honest . They checked our temperature with some laser device. Well that’s what I believe they were checking although I got confused by the numbers the officials were yelling out. I doubt any one cared really as long as the numbers meant everyone was free to go.

After all that, I moved on to the struggle to get my luggage which took forever because everyone  was bigger than me and pushing them out of the way was not going to work. I finally got everything and headed home. It was really hazy and I just got home and slept the day away. I was glad to be in my room, on my bed even though my room had now become storage for everyone’s unwanted stuff.

Here’s hoping that good things come my way. Stay Blessed.

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