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Into the future

Ok, it was my birthday on the 21st and of course I have to write a post about it.

I hope I didn’t get your hopes up cos I didn’t do much. I barely did anything really. No cake even . To think it was National Junk Food Day and it was the one day I didn’t eat any junk food.

I felt sad and happy all at once. But I was more happy than I was sad. I probably shouldn’t even use the word sad but for lack of a better word, let’s go with sad. I thought I would have a job by now, own my business, be a millionaire but nope, non of that. But this only means things will get better right?

I know this because God has certainly kept me alive for a reason and I sure have to fulfil it and have a great time doing it.


I am extremely grateful to God for Life, thankful for my amazing family, for the not so many but amazing friends. What more could I ask for really.

I am really excited about the future. I feel like I am meant to make a positive impact on every single person I meet( Ok, maybe not every single person but a lot of people) and I pray to God I touch many lives even if its with a smile.

This time next year, by God’s grace I’ll probably be complaining about how much I love/hate my job, how difficult it is running a business and how I am using my millions to make the world a better place. πŸ˜€


Did you count how many times I mentioned God in this post? He is AMAZING isn’t He?

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10 thoughts on “BIRTHDAY POST!”

  1. Oh no!
    How did i miss this! You’re the 21st, I’m the 19th!
    We’re practically birthday sisters πŸ™‚

    Happy belated birthday! Let’s make it a good year πŸ™‚

  2. Hey sis, is this the irony of growing up? Distance and all? 2 years in a row and we haven’t marked you birthday together. Sucks been a grown up I’d say. I hope you’ll be around for the 13th, won’t have to come down to Abuja to meet you absence. Miss you and love you loads.

  3. Sorry but is that you in the uppermost pic? Anyway…I like your blog and this post . It’s very sincere. You seem very God fearing….a part of my life that I’m not faring too well in.

  4. Hi, saw your breadcrumbs on my blog, so I’ve decided to reciprocate the gesture. Happy birthday (I hope it isn’t too late for that?); I pray that the Amazing God will continue to give you reasons to rejoice. Cheers!

  5. I’m shy to say this but, Happy belated birthday Bee! I hope next year I’ll be able to wish you a HBD earlier and then you’ll have all you wish for. Amen!

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