Did Germany Really Just Do This?!

Okay I still cannot believe what I just watched. Did Germany really just beat Brazil 7-1?

I am genuinely sad. I am not Brazilian or anything but everyone always roots for the host nation right? Except of course they are playing against your country.

The issue isn’t really the fact that Germany won but it was how they won that was a bit disturbing. 7-1? A part of me feels like I just watched a movie honestly.

Even the most expectant German fans wouldn’t have imagined a better result and even the most cynical of fans wouldn’t have thought of such a score line. Definitely not in a match between Brazil and Germany.

I was hoping for some reason that the Germans will cut them some slack and stop scoring in the second half. Five goals were enough and all. But nope! They kept at it and got two more goals .

Well, all I have to say is I hope Brazil wins the third place match and I secretly hope that Germany wins the World Cup. At least then, the Brazilians can say they lost to the World Champions. Does that make it any better? Maybe not. I doubt there’s anything that will make them feel better.

The 2014 World Cup has sure been full of surprises.

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8 thoughts on “Did Germany Really Just Do This?!”

  1. Brazil has to be embarrassed beyond reprieve. That was despicable effort at times. Frankly, I was appalled at the lack of fight in the hosts – I wrote about that here http://wildamericangooner.com/2014/07/08/achtzehn-minuten-18-minutes-that-changed-world-football/ – but props to Germany. On another note, I can’t wait to watch Brazil play in the third-place game. That will either be the most passionate display yet or another horror show. There’s no way of knowing at this point.

    1. I’m pretty sure they are beyond embarrassed. It was like they just gave up really. Can’t wait to watch it too. Like you said, it could go either way. Will check out the post

  2. Yeah, I watched it from the gym and it was like, every time I looked up, Germany has scored another goal.
    And like you, I was rooting for the home team, after USA lost. The whole thing was absolutely astonishing.

  3. Brazil’s ass got whooped…I was actually rooting for brazil. Didnt want Germany winning(can’t say I know why) buh guess dis World Cup is infact full of surprises. Prolly the first match with a quiet stadium. The crying fans actually made it hiiilarious to watch. Their shocked reaction was epic. Imagine if that happened in 9ja. Lagos. In certain the fans would Hv flogged the players outta the stadium. Lets c if brazil took notes#fingerscrossed

    1. you are so mean jare. Busy laughing at them.
      ha! let’s not talk about what would have happened if it was 9ja. It would have been disastrous. I hope for their sake they did o.

  4. I know the world cup is done and dusted but I can’t help but read some of your post and chuckle. Funny thing for me is I am not a big football fan but I am a proud Nigerian so anytime we are playing I am forever ready; sidebar if you asked me what the off side rule is I couldn’t tell you but it’s always fun to join in the banter..
    I can actually remember where I was for all Nigeria’s world cup matches..
    All that to say, I really enjoyed reading your post😜

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