My Guitar And I

When I’m sad I listen to music and I feel so much better. When I’m happy and I listen, it makes me even happier. It’s just amazing.

I love music! I always wished I was more musically inclined. I still do. I mean, it’s a perfect way to do what you love right and reach out to millions and make them feel better. How awesome is that?

You see, I got a guitar when I was seventeen because I love the sound that comes from that box with strings on it and I too wanted to use those strings to make beautiful music. You don’t wanna know how old I am now, it’s been years and I still haven’t learnt.

I love knowing I own one though. I tell myself I’m one step closer to taking lessons. I like to look at it. Maybe if I stare hard enough,  I’ll learn to play it and the world would be a better place because one person is happier. No, I am not a narcissist thinking the world revolves around just me. Of course not! It revolves around my guitar and I.

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4 thoughts on “My Guitar And I”

  1. Bee, well spoken! when I see people or I play an instrument it’s like being in heaven with angels and all! Can’t do without listening to music, especially those I really enjoy, put it on replay until my folks get upset! Lols… You know I work in a music school, and learning here is so much fun! why not give visit us, maybe you can help make the world a better place. Thanks.

    1. Neither can I. It’s a beautiful thing. Lol @ your folks getting upset. I repeat songs so much my mom starts singing them. I just might take you up on that real soon cos I need to cross that off my list.

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