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Power of the Incumbent


All the talk in Nigeria lately has been about the elections. You have those who talk about the need for change and those who do not mind the way things are. I have heard quite a few people say the incumbent is definitely going to win the election regardless. Continue reading “Power of the Incumbent”


Merry Christmas!

merry christmas

A Very Merry Christmas  To You! I wish you lots of peace and joy.

sign out


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So before you go ahead and do what you are about to do in order to have a better future, in order to provide a better life for your kids, think first: Continue reading “Think!”

Pulled down

trees in the back yard

Tola came the other day and asked me to lend her some money which she really needed to travel. She said she needed three hundred Naira. I only had a Five Hundred Naira note, so I gave it to her since she was going to give it back in two days. Months have passed and Tola has not said anything. Maybe she works with a different calendar. Continue reading “Pulled down”

Home Sweet Home!

the road home
hazy morning drive home

Hey guys, I’m back! This is me assuming you noticed I was MIA. 🙂  Went on an impromptu holiday and didn’t get a chance to blog. I’m back  in Nigeria and it feels good to be home. Will hopefully be here for a while. 😀   Continue reading “Home Sweet Home!”

What Will People Say?

Who Cares?!


Continue reading “What Will People Say?”

I Used To Wonder

keep wondering I used to wonder how people lived in Iraq, not anymore. Years ago, I used to wonder how people survived all those bombings everyday. I wondered how they went about their daily lives with all that was going on. I couldn’t imagine it happening in Nigeria.
I wonder no more. Continue reading “I Used To Wonder”


As much as I like discovering new places and getting A’s in exams, I hate driving, sitting in a plane for hours and I do not like reading anything academic.

I wish i could just teleport to new places. ( why hasn’t someone figured out how to do that yet?) I wish I could have a chauffeur to drive me around. Well its not impossible for that to happen, I just don’t have the money to pay for that kind of service. I wish there was more to school than just passing or failing an exam  ‘cos then I wouldn’t have had to study so hard. Continue reading “Drained”


blogpost image
Into the future

Ok, it was my birthday on the 21st and of course I have to write a post about it.

I hope I didn’t get your hopes up cos I didn’t do much. I barely did anything really. No cake even . To think it was National Junk Food Day and it was the one day I didn’t eat any junk food. Continue reading “BIRTHDAY POST!”

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